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And on the however manyeth day I created the oceans and the seashores, and I stoodeth back and sayeth: It is good.
A German organization has quite recently created "robot ants" that could potentially change the eventual fate of difficult work, demonstrating amazingly high proficiency in plants. Their creation, called BionicANT – which remains for Bionic Autonomous Networking Technologies, is mad...
Today females mostly focus on make up than anything else.So a normal or average looking female looks stunning after applying make up. This fashion things come into females right from very young age today.
In nature is perfect democracy. There is no inequality because there is nothing to compare. Each is what it is, plain and simple. Equal in their equally identities. Man builds his comfort, constructs images of splendor and divinity, but forgets the temple in which he was placed, settl...
Surrogacy is a kind of agreement in which a woman takes the responsibility of bearing and giving birth to a child for another couple or person.
This article is about giving importance to the internal beauty and improving our real talent and skills
As I am about to go into hospital and I got to be thinking about the risks involved, I was surprised to find out it wasn't the sort of risks I thought it might be.
Our general health depends on the proper function of one of the vital organs in our body- our liver.Here are some reasons why we should consider cleansing it.
Every woman adores to receive a bouquet of fresh scented flowers from the one she loves...but what happens when her flowers aren't real? Does it lessen and cheapen the love that is shown? A poetic tale with a romantic message, that not all things are what they may first seem...
“Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.” - Paul Johannes Tillich
This speaks of the beauty of the mind; artificial creations--where one can use as an escape from dire circumstances--as well as a coping mechanism. And the drama doesn't end.
A perhaps more realistic explanation of “the matrix” than the explanation of “the matrix” in The Matrix.
This drifts between negative thoughts, it's a bit of a darker poem. Well, black is actually all the colours, not the absence of colour, so logically I should perhaps have called it "Lightless"... but this isn't optics, it's poetry. :P
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