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What craftsmanship understudies need to know is: would I be able to bring home the bacon from being inventive? The answer is more mind boggling than you may might suspect.
Another challenge for you creative people. What can you do with circles. Take a look here and see if this can help you get out of a "creator's block"!
Are you a painter, photographer or any other kind of artist? Follow me on this journey of creative challenges! Don’t get stuck in a “creator’s block”! Challenge number 1 is “ICE”.
This is a poem about me being proud of myself for overcoming obstacles and staying positive throughout the process, knowing that I am my own savior, as are you.
This article was written after a moderator commented and expected more .Not many read it and it was before I became a STARR OF WIKI
Don't throw away that junk, be creative and make a garden out of it! It's sure to make your neighbors..well...think your crazy, but go ahead anyway. Create that Junk Garden!
Can love really be artistic in someone's life? Is love really artistic in your own life?
Gustavo CoubeGustave CouberHe was a world class sexist artist An institution of his own his paintings are displayed in Paris musem
These few lines are an attempt from my side to somehow express that how and why a pain and grief laden person sometimes bring those pearls of noble thoughts and expressions.
The Artist's Face is a true account in prose format of a lady who was bound by focused health issues. This poetry encouraged her to look afresh at her ailments with a renewed inspiration for a hopeful future.
Author Julia Cameron advertises her book 'Reflections on the Artist's Way' on Amazon. Reflections seems to be the current buzz word for that extraordinary gestation period that allows an artist to understand with the both the verbal and non verbal side of the brain before creating.
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