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A honeymoon gate away in Northern Philippines turn into food documentation and gastronomic adventure.
An up-close and personal experience in cooking one national recipe from my native Philippines.
Rice is the staple food of the countries in the continent Asia. Rice is a crop clumping grass. An agricultural crop is derived from the two continents, Asia and West Africa.
Indonesian cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultures and traditions derived from archipelago comprising 6,000 islands, and holds an important place in the Indonesian national culture in general.
Now everyone that I know loves the brown sauce that comes with chinese food. But the problem is noone can ever replicate it. So what I have done is to practice this recipe and perfect it. Now you can use this for any chicken or veggie recipes that you love and not have to order chi...
I love anything Asian. This is one recipe that you hope to have many leftovers. Then you can eat it the next day without sharing.(lol) But seriously everyone should have a recipe box filled with all kinds of Asian inspired food. Then you would save on Chinese take out and less all the...
Insect snack is common snack that sold in many stalls in Thailand. There are many kinds of insect such as deep-fried crickets, grasshoppers, tree beetles, ant eggs, silkworms, millipedes, giant water bug or grilled tarantula that sold in stalls or market area in Thailand.
A simple recipe for an Asian food, Ginger Chicken With Dried Chili
The health benefits of ginger. A recipe for home-made food, Asian style.
A recipe for home-made rice porridge, a nutritional food as well as easy to cook.
Rambutan, exotic hairy fruit from Asia that can boost your energy and give you a younger and healthy skin with its powerful antioxidant - It tastes good and Great for Your Health
A deliciously quick and reliable recipe for a simple dish.
Thinking about a way to escape the tiresome daily life? Do you want to relax but explore many things at the same time? Do you like discovering new cultures, tasting new food, trying new things? Then there is a small paradise in southern Asia Full of golden paddy fields, lakes, rivers...
Over the centuries many cultures have heavily influenced Indian cuisine, making it one of the commonest type of food which can be bought in almost every city on planet earth.
Currently, MSG is perhaps the most commonly used food additive in the United States. Although once associated exclusively with foods in Chinese restaurants, MSG is now used by most fast-food chains across the country and is included in many foodstuffs, particularly, processed foods. ...
Here is a quick, easy to prepare, Asian inspired, stir fry dish that is has a nice taste to it. You should be able to prepare the entire dish in less than a half hour.
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