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They ask of me..Extempore ...but then I forgot to punctuate it ...Kindly apply your minds as you read along ...You have in any case aged and will read as you take a breath
The poem tries to answer why we are here, what is our purpose and when do we go to wherever we came from. is an artificially powered advanced search engine with live experts to answer questions of online users . You can earn online being an expert with the site .
It is said "ask and ye shall receive"; trouble is much of today's society is about demands - I demand you get out of my way, or we demand that you conform. Yet the truth is that so much more is possible when you ask instead of demanding.
A poem about being on a quiet beach and the shame people should have in spoiling them.
When it is hard to tell someone about something, you might want him to ask you first, so that you can tell.. ^.^ happy reading!
A mother's prayer is the most powerful thing and great gift a mother could give her child.
The universe will give us what we want. All we have to do is ask, expect, and allow.
Discussions are essential ways to be able to share knowledge in order to solve an issue. In here, participants may be able to express their own ideas and concepts about the particular subject matter. These ideas and concepts might be essential in the possible formulation of solution t...
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Proposing a Girl is not an easy job and it should be done with the right ideas and time to do with the right ways. So If you’re thinking of proposing a girl, this may help you.
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