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Assassins creed 2 is an action adventure pc games contains good story line and excellent gameplay. This post gives overall idea about the key features, minimum system requirements and free download link of the assassins creed ii video games.
After the successful running of assassins creed III, the new Assassin Creed IV Black Flag is released to video gamers on various platforms with modified and many new features.
Assassin’s creed is a historic action- adventure game which gives best gaming experience. It is a stealth video game which gives the most fighting and investigating experience through the assassin’s creed - 1.
The story is about the abduction of a beautiful Princess in Altria a fairy-tale country. Because the abductor is seen as a villain the palace decides on recruiting the services of a detective in the City – William Tenys.
Whether or not you're in the camp of the conspiracy theorists regarding the Kennedy Assassination or you just don't know or really care, you owe it to yourself to see Oliver Stone's epic "JFK" starring Kevin Costner. Even though a lengthy film, it's paced narrative keeps the viewer r...
A 35 year-old Maine high school English teacher was not looking to have his life "turn on a dime" when his friend who runs the diner decides to divulge a death-bed secret: the pantry of his diner is a time portal to the past, and he has a mission he would like to see our young hero c...
Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn tells of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and, by allusion, of John F. Kennedy. Who was, in truth, behind the assassination? - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
A simple review of my game play of the game "Assassin's Creed" the story of Assassin's and Templar's fighting each other for finding the item they called "the piece of Eden"
Do you heard about the features of Assassins creed revelations? Assassin’s creed revelations are 4th series of assassin’s creed series. It is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.
So, Assassin's Creed fans! You've already played AC:III right? Assassin's Creed is a type of game that will make you want to play another after one! As you already know there is going to be another one of this franchise, Assassin's Creed IV: Blag Flag. Well, I've collected some aweso...
Assassin’s creed brotherhood is one of the best action adventure third person games which have very high resolution and graphics qualities. Protagonist of this game is also Desmond miles and our player is Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the 16 th century assassin. This article deals wit...
~the child woke up~to the suicide man every day of his young life~watched his adam’s apple~gurgle-gurgle~as he shot himself in the throat with alcohol~the child’s mother loved them both~behind closed doors~better that way~some things~suicide for instance~shouldn’t be done in pub...
~We’ll take a little break from the nuts and bolts of Fly Assassin Reports, give you a bit of a third person story about P. Sluggo~He was in Junior High the year JFK was slain, cried like a baby~the year before that he learned something about slaying and quotas~you’ll notice in th...
~Assassination is a dirty business~Trick ‘em, trap ‘em, & kill ‘em~With doggy doo/poo trap bait dripping from my fists, I soon sought less messy and more effective techniques for dispatching the enemy~
~I must confess that at the time, as shown here, we were quite primitive in our methods of trapping and killing. The poo-trap in the picture is an example of how I earned my name, Sluggo~
~I made Igor a fliescube out of our kill~It floated around in her water dish, cooled it off a bit~Igor slurped away at the fliescube until neither fly nor ice existed~
~Those little critters kicked up a fuss but I got ‘em skewered, fired up the barbecue, lit myself a cigar and warmed ‘em up a bit, fixed Igor a couple of flykabobs~
~Gnawing on bones , cow hips and such, chasing sticks and slobbering, trapping, barking at cats, Igor sleeps through the day, watches flies trip across her nose~
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