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It is for the first time that two political adversaries of Bihar, Nitish Kumar & Lalu Prasad Yadav,hitherto sworn enemies in Indian Politics for nearly two decades, joined hands and came together to fight Narendra Modi and BJP in Bihar. The caste arithmetic they formed eventually won ...
A visual explanation as to why most people shouldn't try assembling their own furniture.
During the initial stages of the French Revolution the Constitutional Monarchy was adopted.
You would think that since God is everywhere, and the Bible commands us to be in a constant state of worship then it wouldn’t matter where we worship as long as we do it. This morning we are going to try to show some valid, common sense reasons that we need to be together as a churc...
John Simonson and Howard Marklein are currently running to fill the Assembly seat being vacated by Steve Hilgenberg who is due to retire at the end of his term.
One day i was bored. So i listened to assembly and thoughts started in my head. So what did i think of? Here it is:
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