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As the New Year arrived, it is time to take stock of things and plan for the year ahead. I want to start with a self-appraisal of myself, find my strengths and weaknesses. I thought it'd be prudent to use Jefferson's list of virtues and measure myself on a scale of zero to ten. Here g...
We see several things in our everyday life but miss some significant details.
My 25 year mortgage has 9 years left on it. Only 6 years have passed. You do the math! It's my first house and a very exciting progression. I recommend this to all home owners.
A personality may be assessed as extraordinary by one may be asessed to be abnormal by another person. It is all due to subjective assessments.
Choosing the right car insurance policy can be complicated, but here are 7 questions you should always ask when comparing quotes.
The most fascinating journey in life involves connecting with other people on intimate levels. We all want to express ourselves creatively while at the same time 'realize and appreciate' the exchange of being understood and related to. It's all a matter of observing, studyng and carin...
As the poet ponders upon his latest soliloquy, he awaits the evaluations of his critics. For it is in their hands that lay his continuation along his chosen path
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