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Wikinut has announced it will not be paying for content posted meaning all users will stop earning revenue from the site. This news comes out of the blue as payments made were more of an encouragement than rewarding. Hopefully, matters will turn around soon so that we continue to have...
The email that Yahoo Contributor Network was shutting down came like a bolt from the blue even for the likes of me who were not active. Then what about those who had put in their heart and soul into their posts and built up the community over the years?
After over a year here on Wikinut, a review of the numbers tells me that it is time to go. With some sense of regret but with clarity of mind, I bid my fellow Wikinutters a fond farewell.
A friend of mine sent me an email asking me to pray for her father that had been admitted into the hospital, and was in intensive care. My father has been sick as well. I decided to write this article asking other contributors to pray for both of these great fathers. Wikinut has great...
There are thousands of sites you can write for and make money with online, but there are a few you can really trust. Associated Content is a trusted site that pays and has a very nice audience.
If you are a "content" writer who writes for Wikinut, Associated Content, Triond, Factoidz, Bukisa, or any other content-driven site, I implore you to read this.
Profile or Avatar pictures are a great way to help identify one another. Social networking sites have been using profile pictures to help known or unknown people find who they are looking for. Remember that safety should be first, then smile if you feel safe and look your best with a ...
While revenue sharing sites are great for building up a large passive income over time, sites that pay upfront for your content are something that every writer needs to check out.
Want to learn how to make money online? This technique is easy to set up, and will make money three times over from your articles. Very simple, so that even beginners or people without a lot of spare time can earn too!
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