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Ii is highly unlikely that an asteroid of a size that wiped dinosaurs 68 million years ago will collide with the earth, but there are plenty of smaller asteroids big enough to destroy a city whizzing around the solar system that have yet to be mapped and identified.
Humankind has an underlying collective consciousness that is built-in for our survival. Having been placed at the apex of all species, we have a higher task. We can be the lord of all we survey but that comes with responsibilities too – let our actions resonate them.
A team of astronomers announced Wednesday, March 26, the surprising discovery of an asteroid ring called Chariklo, which is in the outer solar system between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, and has a diameter of 250 km. It is the smallest object with a ring and fifth in the solar sys...
The scientists say the threat of asteroid impacts as happened in Russia some time ago is much more frequent than expected.
Captain Jeremiah Ruttex touches upon what the earth scientists, in particular, and its inhabitants in general have done that wrought havoc to the ozone layer by way of their nuclear armaments, to say the least. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
A journey of the spacecraft Dawn from a year long at asteroid Vesta now onward to reaching a dwarf planet Ceres a giant asteroid in the asteroid belt in space in three years from now.
The moon is a blessing to the earth dwellers. Is its smile a façade?
Did an asteroid really kill the dinosaurs or was it something else? Will it happen again?
If I claimed to be a major league baseball player, yet you never saw me at a ballpark what might be your conclusion?
Asteroid belt will never cease to amaze astronomy enthusiasts. This article provides interesting information regarding asteroid belt and its main asteroids.
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