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Sweet and sour: Pucker those pores and zap that bacteria with all-natural-you-probably-have-in-the-kithcen-now ingredients! Honey and lemons.
A description of Cinnamon's health benefits, and application as a medicinal.
It was thousands of years since The Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung has accidentally discovered some tea leaves fell into a cup of steaming water he was about to drink. Since them the humble tea plant has become the stuff of legend. Our traditional black tea is derived from the same Camel...
Rose water works on our body and skin as an astringent,it removes the o dour and oily contents on the body and keep the face and body fresh
Witch Hazel has many uses beyond the normal skin astringent. It is an herb that has many uses and is one of the most common home remedies.
Psychologically it is not really a good idea to make the smokers (i.e. approx. 30% of the population) the black sheep of the society after over a century of advertising smoking as "manly" and something that the "touch ones" do. Any grand scale negativity is inappropriate. Yes, we now ...
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