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A conflict between my conscience and the standards set up by the society
"We're gonna go listen to a speech by a guy on 'Is God still relevant in today's scientific world'; you wanna come along?", says Mother to me. I don't care much for religious blah blahing, but then I think it might be a fun activity to go out for, so I say sure.
The end of summer and school reopens with Nath going for the first time.
I have read many pat arguments in my time, and it's always good to keep seeking out more information and points of view. Recently came across a book called "Talking to the Enemy," which deepened the current "science versus religion" debate.
It's art. Call it what you will. Everyone changes and grows over time. If not, we would just stay infants.
Kenneth Bae, husband and father, is serving a 15 year sentence of hard labor for being Christian. There have been recent calls for the US to intercede for him and two others. Learn about his case here.
“Which came first: the chicken or the egg? A better surrogate of this arises when the chicken and egg are respectively replaced by God and man. And then, answering it would suddenly seem greatly relevant for today’s generation...”
Sheep will always follow their shepherd - no matter where he will lead them.
A subtle observation about your deep, beautiful, and ever changing soul.
A little bit of humor on why I'm not a big fan of Christian Fundamentalism.
When there is a beginning, there is also an end. But when one sees no end, then he is most certainly in a vicious circle. This vicious circle is what binds one in a stereotypical plane that the deliverance from it becomes inevitable. To shatter this inevitability supplies the goal of ...
This is what my mind says about God vs His/Her non-existence- A ramble.
To object to a pillar inscribed with the Ten Commandments, Atheists have erected next to it a bench stating their belief in no God but what do Atheists in fact offer?
There are some Atheist Who Have formed what they call "The Community" that takes the place of the Church of Our LORD Jesus Christ. People beware of their Doctrine because it is False.
The UK's Chief Rabbi has penned a piece in the Spectator on the need for religion to rise and take its place as the only possible future defender of humanity against the rise of fundamentalism, He posits that atheism has failed. This article is a critique of his position.
A surprising adventure into the Forum Threads of the Hubpages web site
Not all atheists are bad...... ............................................................
Should grade school children be taught atheism? Some schools in the United Kingdom are planning on teaching children the belief of atheism along with the teaching of the six major religions.
Leading on from Christopher Hitchens remarks at the LA Times Festival of Books, an examination of rationality vs faith
Can we live without God's love? Is atheism not also a belief?
Before conscious thought became ancient man's vehicle out of the woods, we had to develop it somehow, and for some reason. So, what might the catalyst have been, to bring man out of an ancient, bicameral, hallucinatory state of thought?
Rituals serves as patterns of activity that expresses religious and spiritual symbolic meaning such as baptism or communion for the Holy Catholic Church and several others.
God does not have a monopoly on creation. There are other forces at work who may not be so "caring" towards us. Who is to say that they know how the universe began and for what purpose? I attempt to demonstrate the intellectual dishonesty in claiming such a thing.
Before you decide to follow the advise of someone, ask yourself this question, how can I prove this? If the individual is quoting from the bible, you check it for yourself, never assume that they are telling you the truth.
This speaks for itself really. (Xkcd fans will likely get the reference.)
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