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Article on the Brand Sachin Tendulkar and his marketing legacy
Baseball is a sport we all enjoy pretty much all year. As long as the weather is nice, a game of baseball can be played in parks, at birthday parties, and at picnics. This poem is a salute to the all-American pastime.
Rules are made to keep you from harm as much as any thing else.If you conform and do as your told no one gets hurt, but my cousin and his friend found a way around the rule and were killed for their effort..
This Indian athlete is accused of being a male by her live-in-partner. The estranged woman also alleged that she was raped by Pinki Parmanik. It should be noted that Pinki is a gold medalist of Doha Asiad games and SAF games in Colombo. She has been working in Indian railways for thre...
Jesse Owen will forever be remebered for one stunning week in 1936 when he rose above the odds to defeat racism, Hitler and his peers and win four gold medals, a record which stood until 1984 when it was finally broken by Carl Lewis.
The element of acquiring good grip of himself and a real sense of self-control came into play for the first time in our son-father-coach relationship. And I was glad that moment came this evening; I was grateful too to be able to be there with - and for - him.
The story of Arthur Newton - a formidable athlete of the past.
Tiger Woods, Golf's greatest legend, becomes embroiled in a scandal of gargantuan proportions. Numerous text messages to his mistresses and wild nights of passion which were for so long a secret closely guarded by Tiger Woods, is now in full view of the world to see.
This article discusses the recent increase of professional athletes being involved with the law with numerous allegations and arrests occurring. Examples from several pro sports are given.
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