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After coming from Studio C this morning, Mother and I find Father working on getting breakfast ready. He's just returned from his aeroplane factory where, now that Petros is here, he is joined by Petros in his efforts.
The unsung heroes among us take the weight off our shoulders and act as more than a counterweight to the few who try to make us disoriented and loose our footing. The Creator never fails to sprinkle all types everywhere for us to reflect upon what life is about and our own roles in it...
Though we take others as more of a burden, spoilsport at times, they are as much a part of creative process as we are. The more the variety, the more are the fun and meaning to our lives. Never a moment is wasted in the humongous ride that we are fortunate to be part of; everyone is i...
We all are ATM ..Am I being funny! ATM=====ALL TREES MOBILE...So now read these
"Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." --Albert Camus. Real friendship ought to be nourished and taken care of like a small child.
Wind can be defined as air motion. The principal cause of winds is the difference in pressure. Air always moves from areas of high pressure to those with low pressure.
Environmental disturbances could drastically reduce amount of forest area in a short time. Some of these are man made, while there are some that occur naturally too. By understanding what causes them one can prepare to find a solution to this.
Forests are diminishing around the world. Understanding need for conservation is the first step towards increasing world forest area. Forest are also important from the viewpoint of soil conservation.
Creativity calls for deeper thinking and understanding. It is creative thinking that has result in so many inventions and discovers.
After receiving immense encouragement from my last poetry collection about Africa, I decided to compile another set of poems on moods. Normally, when emotions or moods are linked with poetry, all our minds and thoughts run to love, romance, sweet hot passion etc. So, I will try to go ...
The present writ will prove difficult reading for the layman but is no doubt completely in accord with the experts' knowledge of the Earth's properties in comparison with their limited understanding of other planets. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Meteorology is the study of the weather, which is the climate that surrounds the earth. Meteorology formerly a subject comparatively overlooked is now receiving that attention which its importance deserves.
I´ve always disliked the custom to have meals carelessly or while watching TV as it happens in many countries. A meal is always an important moment of the day and it´s one to meet our family to talk about our days.
It supplies oxygen nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases and is subject to physical cycles by the sun and spin of earth. The atmosphere can be divided into the four zones.
Many factors determine the climate of the Earth. How many can you name?
This is a Geo engineered program spraying chemicals that kill animals, birds and poison man injecting them into the atmosphere that harm...and I will not say anymore just watch the videos here....
A discription of greenhouse gasses and their average lifetime.
The notion of "Absolute Certainty" is challenger with a simple illustration from physics involving the common activity of boiling water.
A funny poem about the environment and the effect we have on it through our everyday life.
Yes we complained about the elements and their damage to the environment. Yet as people we are the most dangerous
What we define as air pressure is the result of molecules of air weighing down on objects in our environment. As each molecule strikes an object, it exerts a small amount of pressure.
There are many shades of pink, and I like them all for the feelings they create in me.
All Hallows' Eve will soon be upon us...The night for scary tales, and kids trick or treating...Draw those curtains and sit next to the fire. Warm mulled wine and freshly baked biscuits...and just the right setting for a spooky poem or two...
Abused and raped for the sake of "development" as the man called itself, mother nature takes deep breaths making the earth shatter. The 'Human-caused global warming" is a best term to describe it as man should be held responsible directly or indirectly for this mass scale global cata...
A quick review on a recent visit to the restaurant TGI Fridays.
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