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There seems to be a trend where younger children in classrooms who are simply immature are being diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder (ADHD)
The psychiatric community seems very eager to label naturally curious children as having ADHD.
Attention Deficit Disorder has severe effect on an individual and people living with them. If it is undiagnosed and not treated, then it can cause many problems at every point in your life.
To make real change in life and control symptoms of ADD/ADHD, it is necessary for the people who are suffering from this disorder to follow certain strategies and methods.
Symptoms differ from children to adults in case of ADD/ADHD. Signs are unique for each individual. However, here are some signs, which can be pinpointed after lot of research with experience and difficulty.
Is your life disorganized and constantly late with lot of distractions and forgetfulness”? Are you overwhelmed and unable to tackle your responsibilities”? Then, here is something you must have look at in order to have balanced life.
I have written this article about Bipolar Disorder and how it might be affecting your child. This illness can make it hard for your child’s life but adults can also have this. If your child is still very young, investigate very closely if you’re concerned in knowing about your you...
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