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We all are under the one law, and that is the law of attraction. We may like it when we get "fortunate", and we may hate it when bad things "just happen", but we are all under that one law of reality as I shall succinctly show in this article.
Tomorrow my life will change for the better! No. I am not a prophet or a fortune teller. I am claiming success before it happens.
Osborn has really been getting annoyed at that chick whom he's had a baby with. She keeps bothering him for... well he didn't know what anymore, because he pays alimony of R600 every month and doesn't know what more she wants.
Somebody's attractiveness lies in their DNA. You will only find somebody attractive if their genes and yours are compatible and attract each other. Or so some TV show or magazine article or something told me once...
•In the last 20 years started more and more souls are being incarnated on earth to help with the changes that will come, to raise the vibrations and change this world from inside!
Fairness and value are the most powerful concepts in reality. They are what real economies are based on. This is simply that pure concept of fairness and value expanded.
Become a winner. Be of service to life and life will be of service to you in all genuine ways. That is the crux concept of this series of articles. The reality that all the great ones have spoken, written or dictated. Love others as you love yourself.
This list is non-exclusive nor exhaustive. It's only intent is to bring-to-light these five types of self-abuse and the disillusionment of hopefully one or two more sufferers, as best we can. Again, this is only to “bring them up.” More details should be asked of actual profession...
People who are not willing to work properly can survive in some society because they have friends at high places.
South India is an exotic tourist destination. It abounds in culture and diversity. Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala are South Indian states discussed here. Find tourist hotspots you should look for.
This story depicts about nature of love.To fall in love does not require someone to get a degree for it is free,to love is free.We all want happiness and glorious life and destiny. It must be the right love and man or woman .
This poem relates about the two lovely flowers the Rhodora and the Rose.Many do not know the hidden beauty of Rhodora and being condemned as having beauty wasted on earth and sky.Whereas the Rose is so famous in and out ,hot and grand.
Everybody likes roses.They are so attractive,precious and in demand to whatever occasion anywhere in the world.The feeling is different when someone sends you roses. A rose symbolize love and affection.
Here is where I put my cards on the table, by exposing my personal philosophy for all to see.
The Menomonee Valley used to be first swampy wet land, then it was industrial place for different businesses, and now it is a mix of entertainment venues along with some industrial businesses and other types of businesses. This article will mention the different types of attractions t...
Himalayas and found in the most effective diabetes drug made from the plant called. If this drug for diabetics will be a panacea.
This poem is about how; we are attracted, to other people. Sometimes temptation causes us, to want to give into, our deepest desires.
The power of a woman cannot be expressed enough in words. It is meant to be experienced.The charm of a woman is a unspoken language which can create history.It can reduce a warrior to a slave and a murderer to a saint!
A fictional verse telling the ordeals of girl caught between the emotion she felt for a different man whom she wasn't betrothed to. The little and quick instances of attraction and supposed love.
Its all about love and how it makes you feel.A lovers paradise...
Sheep will always follow their shepherd - no matter where he will lead them.
Relationships or falling in love exist in this world but they should exist in our lives when we are grown and capable enough to understand and accept it, and to make this true teenagers need to change their opinions and way of thinking as stated in my article.
Here is a sonnet on youth and lustful desires can serve both good and bad ends.
Owl's cafes are new trend in Tokyo Japan, the living birds Owls are in cafe to attract the customers. Some cafe people allow the customer to touch the birds.
You can travel to Miami and really not spend much. Included in the article, ” We Can Experience Miami For That Much?” are sites where you can book a flight and hotel/motel room for a low price. There are also many activities to do and places to visit absolutely free.
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