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Experiencing and enjoying the experience of an au pair in your house
Doing checks and everything that can be done to determine that the nanny is suitable and that there are no complaints against her
This page discusses the shortcoming of current screening process of nannies, au pairs and babysitters, explains the importance of performing personality tests as part of the process, and calls parents to pay careful attention to the screening process done by nanny agencies and ensure ...
Using personality tests to screen au pairs is a mandatory requirement for all au pair agencies in the USA. Why are such tests important and are au pair agencies doing it right?
A step-by-step guide for a nanny screening process that helps parents make an informed decision and choose the best possible nanny for their kids, ensuring their well being and safety.
The article discusses the use of Nanny Personality and Risk Assessments by parents in their child’s caregiver selection process and reviews the benefits and challenges of using such tests.
The page discusses the shortcomings of the current process of selecting a Nanny, Au Pair or Babysitter, and suggests that personality assessments can significantly improve the selection process and should become a standard component in the child caregiver selection process.
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