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This one may be good enough to keep them entertained and not hearing the phrase 'Mum, I'm bored!'
In the world of presentations as a way of passing out information. Most people have a pre-disposition to what PPT presentations will do for them. People see them as a way to waste time and typically they aren't very helpful. This piece should help you "jazz" up the presentations and...
You are all my loving audience Your continued diligence ... helps me in my pretense ...that I am a poet still and hence
Speaking to an audience can be a nightmare for most of us. However, there is an amazing, yet simple secret to speaking brilliantly on a podium. Here it is!
~head swaying back & forth~she drifted away~eyes wide open blank~arms lifting~body turning~whimsical child~tiny thing~otherwordly & beautiful~dancing the moment she learned to walk~to music in her spirit~from whence she came~lyrical in a language not of this sphere~
I went to see Sleeping Beauty at the Marlowe Theatre Canterbury yesterday. Read on to find out more.
Legally Blonde is on tour at the moment.I went to see it yesterday, and these are my observations. Read on to find out more.
On Sunday 12th August, Gareth Gates took the audience by storm at the Embassy Theatre Skegness, and they were rocking it up in the aisles. Read on to find out more.
Last Saturday night, 12th May 2012 saw Ashleigh and Pudsey win Britains Got Talent. It is the first time a dog act has won. Is that a good thing? Read on to find out more.
Many people have stage fear problem as they don't feel confident at all while performing on the stage
Do you want to focus your laser with precision at the target audience? If so, this means your writing will need calibration to ensure pinpoint accuracy. This article will help you focus your laser sight correctly.
Caricature is a comic form of art which is popular across the world. The primary objective of caricature is to provide entertainment to the audience. Besides that in the caricature there is a special place for social and political criticisms in which political leaders celebrities and ...
Would he murder me in front of 300 witnesses? Or could I help him find a way out?
In my 30 years as an entertainer, this is -officially- the closest I ever came to God.
This is the third in a series of articles written on the subject of improving platform skills for the public speaker. It also the addresses of commitment to excellence in any pursuit.
A CD review of the Blues Harmonica whizzkid Junior Wells and his band, The Aces live in concert.
There will never be another comedian like Bob Monkhouse, and this is why.
Another thing is the theme; the theme tells about the underlying meaning of the story, as well as the evidences that supports its meaning. Theme could mean the emphasis of the entire story from its beginning to the end, its meaning and what message it tries to convey to the readers or...
Discussions are essential ways to be able to share knowledge in order to solve an issue. In here, participants may be able to express their own ideas and concepts about the particular subject matter. These ideas and concepts might be essential in the possible formulation of solution t...
In the gestures for dividing, the speaker may move his or her hand with the palm vertically held; doing this will allow the speaker to give emphasis on how some fact or ideas are divided in different parts.
To be able to develop a good speech presentation; the most important thing to do is to have a constant speech practice. With the basic knowledge in speech delivery, constant practice will develop the skills in presenting speech.
It should also be remembered that some nervous tensions are natural. There are those people who says that nervous tension shown from a speaker is a good sign since it shows a great respect to his or her audience. However, the speaker should overcome this tension in order to deliver th...
The speaker should also show some gestures. These are the movements with some parts of the body done in order to convey meaning and establish emphasis. Gestures can also be use in order to catch attention. The use of gestures must also be adapted to the size as well as in the nature o...
In the chronological order, the speaker presents a story or an experience based upon their sequence of occurrence. In the epic order, the speaker tries to tell a flashback style. It can be done by beginning the speech somewhere near the end, then returning to the beginning before comi...
Next is the discovering and using supporting materials. Here, the speaker might use illustrations, statistics, analogy or comparison, testimony, restatement and repetition, explanation, deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning in order to explain further his or her points.
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