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Due to a late August storm the S.S.Home and it passengers have a tumultuous time in reaching St. John's. Most of the commuters are seasick and everyone is happy when they finally reach there destination.
The funeral for Myrtle Giles is attended by family and friends. Felipe help lead Mona home after the service at the graveyard and stays for the evening.
Summer ends and school re-opens with Felipe and Mona now in grade ten.
I like to garden at dawn. It is the coolest part of a long hot summer day. In the early morning stillness there is sense of temporal aloneness and closeness to nature. It is my time to mull things over and connect with what is truly the essence of life...
August, in Newfoundland is known for it's horrendous storms. This is the story of one such gale and of the terrible lost of life left in its wake.
We sometimes crave to travel far away to see things and places when we, perhaps, don´t know our own and there may be interesting jewels around the corner.
Activities to beat autumnal blues and to start loving the cold and dark season.
It is that time again and now the August horoscopes can paint an overall picture for this coming month. Once again be advised to contact Steve KInsman on this site for a more detailed astrology will serve you well...
What have you achieved during August? What have you achieved so far during this year? It is always important to review and understand as you go. Review also indicates a need for change so that we do not repeat our earlier faux-pas.
Are you living in the shadow of happy memories and need to move on in your life? Many people stay in a situation because they have become accustomed to it - truth is they need to find a way to move on in their lives. Is it time to move on? That is your choice and you have to make your...
What does it take to become great? Surely this is a part of enjoying life to its fullest! Are you living your life to the fullest extent possible? This is not about money or fame or fortune, it is about you enjoying life to the fullest extent.
Why me? This is a question that can be interpreted in so many ways, some negative, others positive. Why shouldn't it be me? is a much more positive approach. You can be sure this question is used by the successful people in our world.
Sometimes we read a sign and think that it is a sad commentary on our lives. Yet is it? It should never be too late to try something new, never too late to call for change. Life has so many options, and each option has choices. Should there ever be "No Exit"?
August is a month of transition in the Maine woodlands, a perfect time for back porch reflection.
It is said "ask and ye shall receive"; trouble is much of today's society is about demands - I demand you get out of my way, or we demand that you conform. Yet the truth is that so much more is possible when you ask instead of demanding.
What do you make of the things that are important in your life? For most of us they are placed on a theoretical pedestal and never activated. The importance of turning desire into action is the essence of this thought.
What obstacles stand in the way of you completing your main challenges in your life. Often we fail to appreciate the things that can go wrong and consider alternative courses. Now is not the time to give up!
After so much wet weather, it’s nice that summer is here. But how long will it last/ Read on to find out more.
Having read about someone who introduced two friends to each other, the net result of which was one offering the other a job. That introduction certainly counts as a good deed. How have you helped recently?
It is often those that understand the opposition to their viewpoint that are better equipped to face the challenge of getting their views understood. Why do we fail to convince others when we have a great new idea? More often than not it is a failure to explain and overcome objections...
Why do things have to be the same as before? A new dawn can bring with it renewed confidence, renewed hope, and a renewed vision of what is needed. It is up to you to make things happen the way you want them to.
Love or hate? What is the most important to you? There are plenty of people in our lives and a huge number of them impact us in one way or another, but the vast majority have nothing to do with love - those that do really do matter.
Do you regularly provide feedback? You should it helps you grow, and it helps others grow at the same time. With this world being so digital there are so many opportunities to help and advise. This also help you grow.
How inspired are you to complete things you are working on? Everyone has the potential to offer significant change, yet the truth is we use other people's perception of our limitation as an excuse not to start on that great change than needs to happen.
Are you hearing challenged? Do you refuse to hear the advice of others? It is a fact that whilst we have to tread our path in life all too many people fail to listen to the advice others have to offer. There are many challenges we face, not all of them do we have to face alone, other ...
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