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Well, we're here! Uncle Dawsey and Auntie Saffy's house. Uncle Dawsey comes out to open the gate for us. Seeing the old man come down all the way down the hill, Mother remarks: "Why have they never installed an electric gate?" "Stingyness", Father says.
True stories of “cures” that could never be explained.
These are the rose petals found after my uncles death
Alan Smith, a college student, had been invited to spend an evening at his aunt’s house.
The minute June starts, my memory goes back to those carefree days when all was joy around us.
The regionalism called "Bostonian" can create homophones where there really are not any. Thus, 'aunts' and 'ants' seemed one in the same ... at least in sound.
Kids see their aunts as either cool or embarrassing. Here's how to boost your relationship with your nieces and nephews and get them to think you're the coolest aunt ever.
This is from the memory of a five year old girl, this is my story.
My aunt, bless her soul, was trying to reason with an eight year old, when reasoning didn't work, she asked me if I could think logical about what it was I wanted to do....logical? what was that!!
this article is a tribute to the women in my family who have been there for me throughout my life. they have mothered me like i was their own, so i just want to say thanks.
The pain people give to their kids, 'should' be criminal. With Andy, I feel both his parents should be put in a cell and the key thrown away.
Time went on, I started to heal and then, in walks a young man, that will forever be part of my heart.
Jack Trim doesn't like visiting his Aunt Matilda very much. She lives in such a boring neighbourhood. However this time, things would be different. If he had known what he would encounter, he probably wouldn't come but at the same time, he desperately would.
This is a story I had a written for my English class. I decided it was pretty good and so I thought I'd share it on Wikinut.
Honesty is the best policy but sometimes very embarrassing.
Billy hears his mother saying that his favourite aunt has been bitten, and assumes it is by a dog.He then sets out to help her.
An addition to the story of my niece. Her birth.. more to come.
My thoughts and opinions on my experience being an Aunt
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