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Baji Rao laid the foundation of the Hindu empire after Aurangzeb's death in 1707 and along with his warrior like qualities history records his great love for a Muslim girl named Mastani.
The place where the Guru was beheaded is now marked by a gurudwara called Sis Ganj. This Gurudwara was constructed in 1783 by a Sikh general Baghel Singh who had occupied Delhi at that time
In 1699 at a mass congregation in Punjab, the great Guru created a militant form of Sikhism called the Khalsa. This laid the foundation of the Sikh empire a century later
Shivaji carved his kingdom in the teeth of Muslim rule by defeating the Mughals. He is rated as a great Hindu warrior who restored Hindu pride.
The Rajputs were very brave, but they compromised their honor with the Mogals
Aurangzeb was the last of the great Mogul emperors and after him the Mogul empire went into decline. He is thought of as a bigot, but maybe we can see another facet about him now.
Shivaji was a great Hindu warrior who faced the Muslims and restored Hindu pride
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