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These days, people all over the world are standing up and sending a loud and clear message to political leaders. As Bob Dylan would say, the 'times they are a-changin.'
Paul Krugman calls the punishing austerity being imposed upon Greece "madness." This is the beginning, in this observer's opinion, of the final breakdown and disintegration of the capitalist system as it self-destructs, throwing millions into abject poverty.
Austerity policies imposed on a majority of people will lead to more protests and revolts like in the one in Frankfurt.
As Greece seeks to be relieved of its crushing debt load, Angela Merkel forgets her nation's history.
The austerity imposed by Europe's money men on both Greece and Spain have brought disastrous consequences, and the people of those two nations have now risen up to say " enough" and "no more."
Common sense and a certain austerity should be key over the Christmas celebrations.
What happened this past week in America is nothing out of the ordinary. The stories below are hardly unique. Similar stories unfold constantly in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
The American public's approval of the Republican Party keeps tanking, as it has been for several years now. In response, the party keeps trying to rebrand itself. It's not working.
Recalling a day when millions of people stood up against cuts and austerity policies worldwide.
The Tory Party conference arrived in Manchester this week, a blue-clad juggernaut driving through one of the reddest of cities, politically at least. On Monday, we heard how George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, plans to reorganise the benefit system; this is why you should den...
On June 1, 2013, people will demonstrate all over Europe against the draconian measures being imposed upon the people by the great lords of money.
At a time when our infrastructure in America is falling apart, instead of stimulating our economy by funding repair projects, we do just the opposite.
Economic policies of austerity in both Europe and America are resulting in dire consequences.
Margaret Thatcher's philosophy and her actions live on to this day. Her influence was immense.
Insanity is doing the same failed thing over and over again and expecting it will work.
When the Attorney General of the United States declared that he could not prosecute big banks because doing so would send shock waves through the economy, Bernie Sanders had heard enough.
There are so many other ways our government could raise revenue than off the backs of the middle class and the poor. Here are a few of them.
Nineteen million seniors will go hungry today - and every day - due to the inaction of the White House and Congress.
On March 1st, the United States will embark upon a fast track into a major depression, due to the shortsightedness of politicians on both sides of the aisle.
Italian voters have strongly rejected the austerity imposed upon the country by the European Union.
Two different approaches to economics take Europe and Latin America in vastly different directions.
The so-called fiscal cliff is a ruse to further enrich the fat cats on Wall Street while the middle class descends into poverty.
In Greece, it is now brother against brother as riot police are ordered to break up demonstrations by other policemen.
Joseph Stiglitz warns that Europe is on a suicidal economic path
The Narmada river could be the oldest river on earth. Rocks from the Precambrian and Paleozoic ages are found in a valley that she flows through. According to her devotees, she is a mother goddess who provides for them materially and spiritually; the giver of immortal bliss.
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