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The 457 temporary work visa has been replaced with the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (Subclass 482) as of 18 March 2018. This visa lasts for a period of 2-4 years, possibly longer eg indefinitely depending on your specific situation.
Are you interested working in Australia? Every year hundreds of thousands of individuals choose to live and work in Australia because of the lifestyle and employment opportunities offered. Here we provide you some information on the 457 visa, the most popular Australian visa for work...
Planning to Study in Australia and don't know how to apply for it? And you don't know how and where to apply for it?
Travel is great. But you need to be careful while travelling. Things to keep in mind while travelling.
A great way to make money from your garden shed is to turn it into a livable space and place it for rent. Some financial investment is needed, but the returns can be huge.
This is not a stand alone article but the first chapter of a short novel which i would like to publish weekly. It is a fantasy narrative of a young girl from an opal mining town in outback Australia. The story begins with the main protagonist leaving the mining town to re-settle in t...
Are you planning on taking a trip this holiday season? You may want to plan on visiting Australia! It is one of the warmest places in the world, so it can be a great place to escape the brutal winters most of us have to deal with every year. These are the 5 things we recommend you to ...
This year sees Lewis Hamilton defending his driver's championship title for the fourth time. Read on to find out more
Trying new and natural cleaning solutions is something very popular nowadays. Many people ditch the chemical cleaning products sold by the stores and start preparing their own. Here are 4 natural oven cleaners and recipes, which are worth trying.
Australia was a part of the British Empire and in 1941 was already at war with Germany. However, not until the airstrike at Pearl Harbor did the Americans, and then the British, declare war on Japan. As such, as a part of the Commonwealth Australia joined Britain and America in the Pa...
Thousands of people immigrate from the UK each year. Who are they? And where are they going? Here we'll be looking at the current state of Britons around the world.
I've never wanted to write much if anything about politics, because politics and religion are the two things that still stand in the way of a happy human race. However, sometimes I couldn't help but write about the corruption of South Africa's current ANC government. It just slips o...
Mushfiqur Rahim said that we have a big chance to beat Australia in upcoming series, Bangladesh team is in good form
England beat Australia in 4th match and equalize the series.
Haddin retired from test cricket, recently after losing Ashes series two of other Australian cricketer also retired
Do you ever eat cookies or a piece of cake for breakfast and then a few hours before your lunch you are hungry again? There is a scale called the Saity Index that tells you on a scale that I will explain in this article on what foods fill you up fast and which don't.
Do you know people with a Peter Pan syndrome? I believe Michael Jackson had one.
The days are not far when the big three in cricket would find a lame excuse to ban Bangladeshi super star cricketers.
It is a humorous story on the recently concluded Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia & New Zealand.
One victim of Human Trafficking was asked after rescuing about their stranded life. He said that they were facing a lot of problems including the hike of food. They sometimes need to have others' urine to remain alive. In this modern world, is it acceptable? I have some questions towa...
Two French nationals try to burn a harmless quokka with lighter and aerosol and they film the whole incident on a video.
Here I review disabled access for Moo Moo's Milkbar In Brunswick East, Victoria, Australia
Australian businessmen proposes Frank Green application to order coffee, we can also send the coffee orders to the friends as gift, this cup is eco friendly also.
The fate of ring leaders of the so called Bali Nine seems to be sealed. Australia has made every effort to save the two condemned to death by firing squad. It looks repugnant in a modern world that they will be shot, focusing on the heart. We all feel a tinge of helplessness and also ...
Max Pritchard Architect from Australia built , the two-story structure takes its place well inside the trees and involves a timber outline clad in brilliant plywood sheeting.
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