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this branch of biochemical deal with the fusion of proteins and amino acids with the help of DNA recombination and sequencing. It is largely used in medicine and food industry.
We've officially seen Australian firm Andrew Maynard Architects' pizazz for the surprising with the Cut Paw house. Tower House sees the practice raise the stakes by turning an ordinary weatherboard home in Alphington, Victoria, into a delightful "town" involving various tower-like str...
How much can a lady tolerate when faced with deprivation of sex? Many of the events took place without their planning. They simply happen !
In a hidden cabin in the Australian countryside, two brothers hide from the deadly Red Queen virus that has spread across the Earth leaving death in its wake. This is not like any other apocalyptic virus story you have read. Red Queen is by Australian writer Honey Brown - this is a re...
The Red Paintings are a unique band headed by a very unique person. Their debut album, "The Revolution is Never Coming," is an album that will take you on a journey not only of fantastic music but also of realisation and understanding. This is a review of the album.
A brazillian student aged 20 sold her virginity for $ ,780,000, the 90% of amount will be given to charity
Queensland Institute of Medical Research of Austraialain scientists are indentify the potential cure for the AIDS’.
Greg Chappell, the former Australian cricketer is known for his controversies.The latest controversy that he sparked of was about the Indian players during the captaincy of Rahul Dravid.
Dogs are amazing creatures. Pets, in general, are good to have by your side, as man’s best friend. I will talk about Cool looking dog breeds you should check out. These dogs are cute and very playful.
Cadel Evan wins Tour De France 2011. He does not only win the trophy but made history as well. Read on.
Here is a short explanation of the forth coming referendum on May 5th. In the UK, Why are we having it? And just what is AV?
For the Australian Aborigine, their relationship with their Tribal lands, how they make their art, and how they produce the music that accompanies their ceremonies, all speak of their relationship with the natural world around them--both past and future.
Believed to have gone extinct from the Tasmanian frontier by the 1930's, these strange and exotic animals were once the most proficient killing machines ever to inhabit this part of the world. Though hunted with prejudice beginning in the 17th century, many people today believe this ...
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