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Writing is a skill set that requires a focused mindset. Sharing a message and inspiring others to be their best versions calls for impactful writing that packs a punch. Are you embracing the three Cs?
Education is fantastic, but there is only so far learning can take you. Practice, experience, and failure are guaranteed to advance your abilities and skills exponentially. Writing education is not that different to any other education - it is in our own unique experiences, dedication...
Hi, Andre' Hartslief here. Today I want to share with you viewpoints from my wife, who has seen a few burgeoning moments in my writing career. She has seen the ups … the downs … my determination and desire to succeed … and how living the writer's life has been the best decision ...
Be of great cheer. Do not let no one discourage you. You are a special you. Believe in your dreams,goals. Your destiny can be near. Don't give up. Have Faith. Trust in God.
I am just about to have my sixth book published, entitled The Power of Love. Here is a preview of it. Read on to find out more.
Last week was a busy and diverse one for me. Read on to find out more about it.
As we are now on the third month of 2016, it's time I wrote another blog. Read on to find out more.
I recently wrote a Wikinut page about a home hair dye disaster, I spent about 1 hour on it. In the following 2 months it has generated money, attracted comments and become popular on Google. I've gathered my advice so you can enjoy similar (or better) results.
Kevin Sweefarend is still recalling the book he was reading while he had to work as a shepherd all day long, in order to kill the time. It would appear that Jakstein, the character in the book "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia", also an aspiring writer, has a hunch that his dog has wi...
Kevin Sweefarend is still remembering what he read from the book, "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia", when he was trying to kill time whilst working as a shepherd. Quite a funny piece of writing...
Here is to you, dear writer, for not being afraid of using the words to make a change in the world.
"Marzeus, you come as if you've been sent!", Mother calls me as I enter the West Wing. Mother and Auntie René are busy fiddling around at Mother's computer.
Wikinut wont allow content to be removed or deactivate acct
Wikinut wont allow content to be removed or deactivate acct
I like school especially when the teacher reads us a story.I'm very upset with an author called Mother Goose - she is really sadistic.
Become a winner. Be of service to life and life will be of service to you in all genuine ways. That is the crux concept of this series of articles. The reality that all the great ones have spoken, written or dictated. Love others as you love yourself.
His chapter chronicles my struggle as a depressed teenager, overweight, a stranger in a strange land.
Nicholas Sparks is an amazing writer. He writes with his heart because all his books are full of emotions, drama and love.
Terry Pratchett, a truly great author who strove to live by his ideals has passed away. The world grieves his passing but his works live on.
The following is an obituary of the great south South African writer who went aganst apartheid.
How to help writers gain more views and better status. How I have gained 235 views, and 0.8 status in one day.
A fictional account of relationships and problems in a farming village called Thorn Grove
Fictional account of relationships and events in a farming village called Thorn Grove
The relationships that are formed by people when they are young and how due to unforeseen circumstances they have to go their separate ways one day. And as you get older you sometimes wonder what happened to that person (s)
Books are arguably Man's greatest invention and to this day, there are thousands of books to choose from. This article will give you an insight on what I believe are the best books ever!
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