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Hi, Andre' Hartslief here. Today I want to share with you viewpoints from my wife, who has seen a few burgeoning moments in my writing career. She has seen the ups … the downs … my determination and desire to succeed … and how living the writer's life has been the best decision ...
This article is a small thought about the realization that must dawn on every human some day!
Lara used to listen to the stories told by her father, Victor and today, he tells her the story about automated teller machine
2014 is the time for the United States to step up the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
A guide to becoming a police officer and what to expect on and from the job.
Ideas ARE fantasies. Fantasy is vision. Vision is diverse... so philosophy is...?
Ideas ARE fantasies. Fantasy is vision. Vision is diverse.
~momma was a soldier~she stood five feet very tall~protective of her tiny army~made of the stuff of first rank~no stranger to front line engagement~attended by pride & integrity~stepped forward into the fray~ever aware that survival was all she could ever hope to gain~momma was a sold...
In a gross violation of his First Amendment right to free speech, an 18 year old Texan faces ten years in jail for making a sick joke on Facebook.
A man works in a grey miserable factory. The daily grind beats at his soul, beats at his mind, is this all there is?
Bridging generation gap. It is not a matter of which generation is superior than the other but understanding how both meet at a certain level where they could work in perfect harmony.
Look yourself in the mirror everyday and say I am somebody
the Good Shepherd watches out in every way for His sheep.
Do you see anything much crazier than purchasing a piece of land on the Moon? Yes, believe me, land is for sale on the Moon! Interested ? Then this artice is defintely for you!
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 26 Animal Poem. This one is about Bald Eagles.
Wikipedia is a brilliant idea, it is not, however a reliable authority on any subject.
When a guy who wants all the power and position meets someone who wants none
This is a short paper I presented as part of my research project many years ago. It covers the historical, ethical, social, and legal issues surrounding Judicial Review.
~Benny followed me from bar to bar~dumb ass kid thought I was cool~riding my ol’ ’71 shovel-head~he rode a Harley Sportster~a mini-bike~I left him in a bar one night arguing football with some obnoxious idiot~he refused to leave~young pup~after I left he asked the man outside~who ...
~Remember the gallon jars of white paste in elementary school~I used to eat that for breakfast~got caught once in awhile~taking a whacking by the principal~that paddle with the holes drilled in it~was worth it~the beating at home if they told my parents wasn’t~still I was better off...
“A bold heart is half the battle.” Dwight D. Eisenhower was not talking about writing when he spoke those words as a World War II general, but they certainly apply. Writing is not an occupation for the faint of heart, for the insecure, for the easily intimidated. You must believe ...
Ace was flopping around like a fish out of water, attempting to recover himself. Blacky was winking and blinking, squinting as fast as he could and Mister Leary was blubbering and blabbering worse than ever when Maury reached them. The girls had recovered from the shock of the sight...
Blacky came next. He looked more the part of the wild Indian than Joaquin but insisted it was all just a bunch of racist bullshit. He held that the races had all disappeared in the last hundred years and humans were just too damned stupid, egotistical, and ignorant to realize it. H...
It is like that is where his own music was meant to take him but he had never quite gotten there with it. Maury began to make words he never knew and wouldn’t remember once he left the parking lot. Ace took off his hair tie and sneakers and danced Tina Turner barefoot in the dirt....
He laughs harder than everyone else even though he doesn’t understand the jokes because deaf people laugh so good it is infectious and better than any joke he ever heard. Like watching a blind man dance or a one-legged lady play the violin.
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