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Finding out about the diverse types of autism spectrum disorders will enable you to better comprehend your own particular kid, understand what all the distinctive autism spectrum disorder terms mean, and make it simpler to speak with the specialists, educators, and advisors helping yo...
Read about a struggle that one in sixty-three family's also go through. A disability that aint picky and don't care if your rich, poor, what race you are or what gender. There is no known reason why it happensd and there is no cure. These are facts I've learned over the years of helpi...
So, my child is autistic - ''But He Looks Fine'' argh!!
The numbers of children being diagnosed with autism are skyrocketing. But there is a growing number of parents of autistic children who are turning to Hippotherapy in place of standard therapies that have largely proven little to no success. And they are loving the results.
Can Cure Autism...That is the concern that every parent or guardian of your Autistic little one will inquire sometime.
The first part of this is an introduction of sorts (and an acrostic). The second portion is an attempt at delving a little deeper into a very bright young mind that somehow has difficulty translating to the (probably lower) plane of existence that we mere mortals live on. 20 years ag...
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