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KIDS Autistic We can give love and affection but much more is needed as medicine .Mostly boys are found as autistic...may be my observation only...
Autism is on the rise in the US and Canada. It seems to be localized in certain provinces and also some researches suspect it can be linked to antibiotics and pesticide use.
Parents of autistic children are often isolated without resources for themselves and their children.
There are no words to express the joy the parents of an autistic will have when witness a breakthrough.
Parents can effectively help their autistic Kids, if catching autism when the kids are young. Early autism signs are traceable by evaluating the milestones for baby’s age.
April is Autism Awareness month, and since I am on the Spectrum myself I felt I needed to show the new study by the CDC on it's prevalence and then tell you my experience being an Aspie myself.
Why do autistic children behave the way they do? This book provides some answers from the perspective of autistic children themselves.
So, my child is autistic - ''But He Looks Fine'' argh!!
Being the parent of an autistic child is not easy. Learn how to help parents of autistic children cope with the stresses of having a child with disabilities.
Don't believe the myths about autism. Children with autism can grow up to be successful adults with proper support, patience and hard work.
Children with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, have trouble making friends and playing with other children. Here are some tips for helping them cope.
Many people aren't sure how to talk to children who have autism. Here are some tips for understanding what it's like from their perspective and communicating with them successfully.
Don't be fooled by the title. "The Cat Who Came Back For Christmas" is a terrific book to read any time of the year not just in December. This is the true story of a cat who befriends a child with autism. Read on to find out why this book touches readers at so many different levels.
Some say autism has become an epidemic that is most commonly seen amongst males. With research on a continuum, more and more cases have reared making the statistics skyrocket where 1 in 150 children will be diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Being a parent in general is difficult; bein...
This page describes how a dairy free diet can help Autistic children
Describing the need for Autistic children to have a schedule and the best method of adhering to it.
Discusses parents accepting their child's Autism and the emotions that go with it.
The numbers of children being diagnosed with autism are skyrocketing. But there is a growing number of parents of autistic children who are turning to Hippotherapy in place of standard therapies that have largely proven little to no success. And they are loving the results.
A unique perspective from an insider on how to make your Memorial Day a pleasant memory, with the help of your child with autism.
Autistic children are often put on special diets to help behaviors. When a child that has been on the diet for a while you notice extreme differences when you try to take them off of the diet. It can make for a confusing day; this day wasn't that bad though.
All children need to be able to express their needs. Autistic children have difficulty with simple tasks. Their "acting out" may be their only method of getting the attention they need.
Autism is a disorder that usually occurs in a child very early and may be difficult to diagnose especially for first-time parents.
Raising an Autistic child is a challenging, rewarding and expensive endeavor. There are some things that you can do to create more room in the budget for therapy. You can even find other ways to earn for supplements and dietary needs.
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