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Julie has brought up her autistic son Adam on her own, then she meets Ben, but feels their romance is doomed because of too many commitments. Read on to find out more.
KIDS Autistic We can give love and affection but much more is needed as medicine .Mostly boys are found as autistic...may be my observation only...
April is Autism Awareness month, and since I am on the Spectrum myself I felt I needed to show the new study by the CDC on it's prevalence and then tell you my experience being an Aspie myself.
Why do autistic children behave the way they do? This book provides some answers from the perspective of autistic children themselves.
So, my child is autistic - ''But He Looks Fine'' argh!!
Mark Haddon wrote a marvelous book that became a bestseller and won both the Whitbread Book of the Year and Whitbread Novel awards. It was said that Mark Haddon himself exclaimed, “Who on Earth would want to read about a fifteen-year-old boy with a disability?,” while he was makin...
Being the parent of an autistic child is not easy. Learn how to help parents of autistic children cope with the stresses of having a child with disabilities.
Don't believe the myths about autism. Children with autism can grow up to be successful adults with proper support, patience and hard work.
Don't be fooled by the title. "The Cat Who Came Back For Christmas" is a terrific book to read any time of the year not just in December. This is the true story of a cat who befriends a child with autism. Read on to find out why this book touches readers at so many different levels.
Disabled people can live normal lives just like normal people. This is thanks to special devices.
It's now 2013, and disability is no longer hidden away as an embarrassment. People with disabilities have their own contribution to give in life, with our help and encouragement. Read on to find out more
My son Phil had his birthday recently, so we all met up to celebrate it in the way he likes best. Read on to find out more
April has been designated as Autism Awareness month. This is a huge step forward in the recognition of autism, and the effect it has on sufferers, and those around them. In the Middle East, there is a feeling of shame about this condition, and this needs to be addressed. Read on to fi...
Today 2nd April 2013 has been declared Autism awareness day, and the whole month of April has been set aside to highlight this very complex condition. Read on to find out more.
Everyone thrives and blossoms when they are loved. Read on to find out more.
This page describes how a dairy free diet can help Autistic children
Describing the need for Autistic children to have a schedule and the best method of adhering to it.
I think we should all hug more, and maybe wars would stop. Well it's a nice thought to hang onto.
Genetics and environmental factors affect the chances of a child being born autistic. Scientists explain why.
The numbers of children being diagnosed with autism are skyrocketing. But there is a growing number of parents of autistic children who are turning to Hippotherapy in place of standard therapies that have largely proven little to no success. And they are loving the results.
It really is the little things in life that touch my heart, and mean so much.
Valentine's day shouldn't just be for lovers, it should be for everyone. Enjoy it!
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