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This story is a true account of a teenage misadventure that involved stealing a car and crashing it into a tree.
While only the few can afford the best luxury cars in the world,here is a luxury car that may be within even the average man's reach.
~my brother was the least favored of seven children~I was oldest son~he was next~thin & undernourished as a youngster~he fought hard to stay alive~unloved & abused by his parents~he became a difficult man~he was my little brother~I tried to cover his ass~got my own caught in a sling m...
~fresh snow on a sheet of ice~35 miles an hour~car begins to slew catawampus~what the hell~he says to her~don’t touch the brakes~left front wheel catches the curb~pitching & rolling~end over end~7 times~thrown through the windshield~smashed like a bug~witness make the 911 call~there...
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