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Autumn came and went it was naturally stripped All snaps are by author
Oh Autumn Like all is seasonal so is also human relations
Eskimos, popularly and interestingly called snow men are unique group of people from the rest of the world’s population. They are unique in terms of their lifestyle.
A poem about the end of summer and the approach of Autumn.
Leaves of autumn..Well its getting chillier by the day lets await for autumn yet.
''An autumn leaf'''...We all are green leaves ... at the edge of moments imagination and soon each one will become ...a memorable one ''''''A LEAF OF AUTUMN ..'' in our own turn you and I one will be left aside ....more leaves will bud ------Till then we all are rosy
The Autumnal fever...Autumn once here...Lovely autumn!..What a beautiful autumnand many such autumnal poetrys galore Do you want more
This is the season of forest splendour and trees wear their finest robes they burst forth into all their richest and warmest colours of the year,
Blackberries hang thick in hedges, the mushrooms spring up white, A geometric spider hangs his web on trees in an early morning light.
Sweet air from scented flowers has drifted away on an autumn breeze, Green seas of swaying grass say goodbye, while apples drop from trees.
This is a small sweet poem recalling autumn we just enjoyed some few months in the past
Autumn is a lovely season ere the onset of winter the snows
An old forgotten lane relives its glory days. It tells a story when the lane meant something a time never to return.
As we come to the end of yet another year, I give you a poem of change
This drive depicts the beauty nature wants to share with all but only those who have discerning eyes do
Autumn is the finest season in the Americas and Canada .Those who haven't seen it are like those who haven't seen the Taj Mahal of india... As Bill Clinton had divided humanity when he saw the Taj.. that there were two kinds of people... those who had and those who had not...
Autumn is a beautiful season in the western world... O! what a delight for all eyes So now visualise it through my eyes
A poem of the many faces of autumn and the romance in each encounter.
The Minnesota change-of-seasons are second to none in their mystery, beauty and grandeur.
Autumn is a time for reflection over the years planting and harvesting.
A short poem about October. It is a month that is often overlooked.
There are so many words to describe autumn. Different emotions arise in this season. Some people dream, some become nostalgic of the past. Writers are stimulated to write a beautiful piece of their imagination.
A man and his dog walk in the Autumn evenings. The dog is old he has has his day.
The changing seasons certainly bring with them mixed emotions. The reminder of summer and the chills ahead give us much conflict to think over. There are so many possibilities to choose from.
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