Pages tagged with Avantgarde Writing

On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
~took my boy down to the railroad tracks~it’s a sissy assed world I told him~I suppose you shouldn’t have hit that bastard back in public~you & I~we’ll make some bad juju for that boy~string out some pennies in his name~bully boy’ll jump bad when they let you back in school~kn...
~here one minute~gone the next~my youngest son creates clone videos~snaps characters in with his fingers~amazing to watch his work on you tube~zoodious he calls himself~I have seen many people snap out~very few snap back~before we are aware we are…~
~I saw a bunch o’ citizens doing “the crawl” on a downtown street~it was skid-row when I was rockin’ & rollin’~now they call it lodo~cops erect chain-link barriers to protect the rich drunks~firemen spray their puke off the pavement~what the hell difference does it make who ...
~there’s a lion loose tonight~father~mother~my sisters & brothers are sleeping~I have been waiting since midnight~knife in my hand~seven years old~I am afraid of the lion~that one of these nights you will not return~nor will the sun find morning~awaiting~anticipating with me~
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