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Anxiously await all lovers of science fiction and 3D continuity of the first three-dimensional film of Avatar .
Buddha is recognised as an Avatar of Vishnu , a fact he never denied. He also borrowed heavily the Hindu concepts and one can conclude he was part of the Hindu pantheon.
I was so impressed with the movie Avatar, especially the hidden messages that were so very clear to me.
Mirza Ghulam claimed he was the Mahdi .He also claimed that he was the Avatar Kalki. As per Hindu religious thought the supreme Hindu deity is Vishnu, who is revered as the creator. Hindu philosophy further says that Vishnu will reappear as the Avatar Kalki to save the world during t...
Nature never discriminates. It is filled with love. It is man’s greed and selfishness that discriminates. Look at the shape of the carrot with its five fingers. Do they point out at the folly of human nature?
Having a speaking avatar is a good marketing tool for a business website or blog. It gives a more effective interactive tool to communicate with their website visitors.
The quest to make man immortal has now taken a new dimension. As a Russian billionaire reveals a time table, to achieve this feat. It begains with a technology were man can control machines with there minds. If you think the Avatar is just a movie think again.
the Buddha is recognized as the 9th avatar of Vishnu. In addition whatsoever he stated is heavily borrowed from Hindu thought.
Buddha is a product of India. He was born a Hindu but never renounced Hinduism
I am not always on line. Ive been sick since the last week in august.. they are saying COPD but i dont believe it..I have never smoked. Im trying to spend as much time as I can here.. I love hanging our with you nuts.. :) shallimarRose This is just a short poem that came to me so ...
Know more about the famous composer of Avatar movie, James Horner.
You are all fixed up and you KNOW that you look good, but how come when you get your picture taken, you don't look as good as you thought. Now a days with computers and technology we all need a good self-portrait of ourselves. Check out these tips to help you get a great photo of y...
An almost definitive guide to Trolls; how to recognise and confront them
Profile or Avatar pictures are a great way to help identify one another. Social networking sites have been using profile pictures to help known or unknown people find who they are looking for. Remember that safety should be first, then smile if you feel safe and look your best with a ...
The creators of the smash series Avatar: The Last Airbender have announced a sequel series. Will it be worthy? Check out Lucca's thoughts!
Millions of fans left cinema houses with utter disastisfaction (understatement?) due to the film's huge failure of effectively bringing the animated series to the big screen. M. Night Shyamalan failed big time.
The Last Airbender is a very good disaster movie. A disaster indeed! Why?
The hit blockbuster "Avatar" is coming back to theatres for some extra footage.
A review of the recently released adaptation of the Nickelodeon children series.
The analysis of new film [i]The Last Air Bender[/i] from the eyes of a critical film student...with a sick sense of humor.
The highest grossing films of 2009 examined and compared, ranked according to how much they earned.
There are many twitter users who follow a big number of people. If you want your tweet to be seen, both the user name and avatar must be noticeable. In this article I'm going to talk a little about Twitter avatars and how to choose one properly.
AVATAR A deeper look, Avatar in Hinduism which is where the word originates refers to a “deliberate descent of a deity from heaven to earth”, and is mostly translated into English as “incarnation”
Has James Cameron created anything hit film with Avatar?
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