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Review of Movie Avengers Infinity war. I will discuss the movie its strengths, weaknesses, and how that plays out to the next sequel in the Avenger series for Marvel and Disney
With the present Secret Wars 2015 meshing together the MARVEL multiverse into a single universe that means... nothing in regards to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. X and A still can't cross over due to who owns what, what little comics you get related to said movies are always prequels...
Avengers Assemble!... an oft used name for many a Avengers title or project... join Zordon Stark and the Mighty Morphin Avengers fighting... Apocalypse... by assembling Iron Megazord for the fate of nothing... Ugh.
Did you know that MARVEL'S Avengers assemble was Originally RATED R; To Find Out What Scene Had to Be Cut to make it PG-13 READ ON.
Read the article to know about the most talked about movie of the planet AVENGERS 2 AGE OF ULTRON.
Let's see, according to Marvel A+X equals... money? We'll see about that.
With Daredevil headed west who's going to provide the law part of law and order in the east? Why Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk of course!
Just because Hank Pym is a bit out of his mind, and completely omits his horrible flaws, it doesn't mean we can't squeeze an Avengers title out of it... by the way Avengers A.I... by the way it must be recycle your past characters year since look... Iron Man 2020.
Another tongue in cheek piece...such fun to do this...bake a cake hide in plain many words to string together for me to enjoy and perhaps you too.....and as I always say..if the cap fits wear it.....
Here is my review of Iron Man 3. It's important to have accurate reviews from a moral stand point. I hope to give you that review.
Review of the new feature film Avengers Assemble recently released in UK cinemas.
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