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The Georgia triple murder case that made headlines in 1909 due to the nature of the crime has resurfaced. Citizens are in fear of an unknown axe wielding murderer, committing horrendous acts on innocent people. The case is making headlines in the Savannah Morning News that possibly re...
This guide will teach you how to get 99 woodcutting in Runescape.
Mark and Shelby took a short trip to the next town to deliver a parcel. But on their way back, it starts to rain. In fact, it's a downpour. And their town was still miles away. But then spot a farm and decide, why not take shelter their until the rain stops? So, they walk through th...
With the weight of all the protective clothing combined with tools and equipment firefighters use to combat a fire compounded by the heat from fire, stem, and body heat all these factors can cause the firefighter heat exaltation, heat stroke and even death.
An axe handle that is loose should be replaced immediately.
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