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Ayurveda, being one of the most ancient body of knowledge on health is not confined to medicine only, it covers the whole subject of life in its various ramifications.
Sleep is the essential rest for everyone. In the busy lifestyle of modern days, a peaceful sleep is much affected. People suffering from insomnia try every method, swallow tablets or count the sheep, but they complain that they are unable to sleep. Massaging can assure you a peaceful ...
The human body is a mini universe – a miniature of universe. The body and the universe can be compared in several ways. Every aspect of the body, mind and soul reflects the great universe in a micro-form in our body and mind. Ayurvedic system is based on this universal law of nature...
Yoga practice is gaining popularity in the modern world. It has been found as the most effective panacea for most of the health problems today. It is not a mere fitness exercise as many people think. Yoga is a lifestyle of health.
It is spring. The king of weeds – dandelion – has sprung from the earth and can be seen everywhere. Ayurveda hails dandelion, the herb that shoots up everywhere in the world, as the king of herbs. It is really the king of herbs!
Spices not only make your curries taste better but help you treat various diseases such as bronchitis, respiratory diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. If you are looking for the right book then here it is. Learn not only about origin and uses of spices, but also how to purchase spices, ...
Ayurveda is a science of well being. It is an ancient medical system which suggests ideas to maintain the balance of the humors or Doshas. These three humors vata, pitta and kapha are greatly responsible for all the physical, psychological functions of the body.
Diabetes is threatening the health world more and more. Although diabetes has been troubling humanity from the dawn of history, modern lifestyle and diet habits have increased its prevalence everywhere. Ayurveda suggests various remedies.
Ayurveda medicines are characteristic and healthier than weight reduction pills or accident diets. Ayurveda master, Dr. Rohit Sane, Chairman & Managing Director of the Sane Care Group offers with us, some ayurveda medicines for weight reduction.
Today All over the World people looking the Ayurveda Treatment Because every one need the result today the life is very busy and every day new disses came front of the World.
Belching is a gas problem in the body. It is a common disorder of the digestive system. Although it is not a serious illness it may be the symptom of some other disorder such as indigestion, heartburn, dyspepsia, or hyper-acidity.
Ayurveda is a science of life. In the modern world of social media, there are several people who try to practice alternative medicines without knowing the systems properly. Charaka, a great authority of the Ayurvedic system, warns that there are fake physicians who try to practice the...
Dandelion is a weed thrown out of your yard. Dandelion means "the teeth of a lion. The English name dandelion is derived from “dent-de-lion” which means “teeth of a lion”. It is a very effective herbal plant.
Some beneficial Tips to Improve your memory with Ayurveda. When we don't remember what was happened in the past, and when the similar situation arises again this problem of forgetfulness is rising in today's world and doctors term it as dementia.
Healthcare is the most important topic of the day. Modern health world is frustrated at the conventional treatments because of certain failures and the increasing side effects. It is turning to the ancient systems such as Ayurveda to find solutions to the problems of modern health lif...
To understand the cause of the disease because from eating habits to thinking he needs to sense all such factors. To get rid of all the complications, it is important for a doctor to know the nature of the disease before starting its treatment.
Ayurveda the differs in many ways from the conventional system of the western medical systems. The eightfold examination system Ayurveda studies a patient thoroughly before beginning any treatment. Tongue diagnosis is one of those eight examinations.
Abhyanga is an important part of Ayurvedic treatment called Panchakarma. It aims at relaxing the body and mind, by improving the flow of energy and by opening the channels.
Pulse reading in Siddha and Ayurveda has several methods. Both the systems give great importance to pulse reading. The traditional method of pulse reading is so helpful that the physicians could infer the condition of a person’s health accurately just by feeling the wrist of the pat...
Turmeric is much more than a coloring agent. A traditional remedy in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian Health Care system that dates back over 6000 years. Many Asian cultures also revere turmeric for its health benefits.
Aromatherapy, has been an important branch of Ayurveda used for internal as well as external treatments. Ayurvedic physicians healed various ailments with this therapy. It is holistic and has a great scope in the modern medical science.
You may be surprised at the expression “Eat water and drink food”. But it is the diet slogan of the modern world to control weight.
If you were to go to a distant planet and you were allowed only one medicine to take with you, you would do well to stock up on Triphala reputed to be a universal panacea.
Ayurveda is not against anything that helps good health But it thinks that overuse of coffee or tea may develop harmful effects. That is the main reason for Ayurveda to avoid refined sugars,coffee, tea, tobacco, drugs, extremely spicy foods and poor quality oils.
It is no secret that modern life is peculiarly amenable to increasing our stress levels, negatively impacting the quality of our day to day lives and damaging our health in the process. While searching for remedies to offset the painful effects of a particularly demanding and stressfu...
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