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The presence of babies livens up any home or environment. These cute little things bring out the best in us and make us forget ourselves for a time at least. Gone are the worries and cares of everyday routine and mundane lives since babies create a special kind of chaos that is enduri...
After taking my 8 month old nephew under my wing, he goes on to prove to me that imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery.
Many newborn infants share their parents' bedroom for the first few months, but even if is the case, a separate room should be planned and equipped so that everything is conveniently at hand for the main activities in the baby's life : nursing, body hygiene and diaper changing.
I am going to explain the story of whether the group Planned Parenthood that is to counsel pregnant women who don't want to be pregnant and have an abortion. Some say they are selling the fetus organs, do you believe it?
Some great ideas for people who are trying to come up with a perfect baby shower.
Why is it so many people have babies then put them in daycare? Why don't more parents elect to stay at home and raise their own child? Is it possible to be a stay at home parent while earning a low wage?
Babies selling and black market babies do not only go on in third world countries, they go on right in front of our noses.
A Lancashire Heeler dog saved a sinking baby. Can you believe it? It's happened in a small village in Bangladesh. We know that in the western world, dog is a great friend for most of the people specially in the old age. They use to keep the dogs from different species. However this s...
I am not a crusader about breast feeding, neither am I an expert on breastfeeding. My mother had 12 children and breast fed all of us, so I was determined to breast feed my children as they came along.
For some reason I have been thinking about my parents for the last two days. I guess ever since my new Grandson came...It does something to renew the soul...These little miracles of life...God bless everyone.
Are there really benefits to reading to babies? Absolutely. Early literacy skills begin in infancy.
Young mothers often have doubts about if they would be a good mother but those doubts often disappear when they see their baby for the first time.
Your kid starts learning between the age group of 1-3 years. Hence choosing the correct book is important.
This is about babies how they are and how they seems like.
Do you know the difference between attachment and tiger parenting? The field of parenting is full of theories, here are the top 7.
I return from my time travels and learn that my sons have new plans.
I return to Newfoundland and find that there are many changes in the lives of my sons.
Marriage is a union of lifetime which brings in a lot of new responsibilities it is a start of a new chapter in every couples life. Having your children and raising them is a vital part of a relationship. Though, in present times woman are more focussed in their career but still when ...
Babies are the foundation stone . Babies should be well protected so that they may not suffer.Babies are the priceless treasure.Under no circumstances can they be regarded as trifle matter . Babies are intelligent and they know how to draw the atten...
I dedicate this to my friend, Devris Capa and his pictures of beautiful babies as you can see if you read this page. And I also wrote about the knowing and knowledge of these young ones...enjoy
Parents are sometimes confused because at a certain age child can not speak. This makes the parents asked if the condition is relatively normal or even indicate a disorder.
Babies born widow does have its own unique facts. Starting from the unique physical characteristics to the shape of her body. Here are the facts unique newborn:
Although she could not pet her as mother wanted, your baby can still recognize the smell and sounds of Mother. So often sit and talk nearby so that mother and child bond stronger. Mother gently caress or massage is a soothing way to channel special affection and attention Mom.
This short story is my advice to my niece on the birth of her daughter.
Looking after yourself while you are pregnant is important to both you and your baby. One way of doing this is by avoiding certain foods.
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