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A monumental collection of poetry about the author's first child and beginning of parenting journey as well
There is so much wisdom that we can glean from our older relatives and friends. Take the time to hear their stories. They will stay with you for a lifetime.
Not just the U.S. government but indeed the whole country seems to be confused, divided, and angry. A hypothesis as to why.
In this article I outline how I have learned to stay positive and keep mentally alert and challenged though I have lived through many trials, set backs and extreme heartbreaking circumstances.
Many people still don't know just who the baby boomers are exactly. They are a dying breed of individuals, men and women. Who are these baby boomers? According to wikipeadia: "A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic Post-World War II baby boom and who grew up dur...
The probable problem presented as the baby boomers too face retirement. The numbers need may not be enough to replenish the labour force
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