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Individuals may experience back pain for several reasons including a strained or pulled muscle, a bulging disc, arthritis, poor posture, pinched nerve, a fall, etc. Suffering from back pain can be very debilitating. Fortunately, there are many simple self-treatment tips that any per...
Other crystals like carnelians, white and yellow jades and red sesame jaspers give the positive effect on yours body and mind.
From time immemorial jewellery has attracted women with its different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it plays vital role in some special occasions like wedding. However, wearing jewellery marked new dimension of ornamental wearings when it comes to new aspect of jewellery in this IT age.
You have a good office environment and a computer to make your job easier, faster and safe. Safe? Think again. There are setbacks and hazards to look out for whenever you use your computer.
Backache has become serious problem for many people nowadays. Pain is severe especially in the lower back for many and is termed as lumbago.
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