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I was 21 the first time I set out on my own. I did it again when I was 22. And a third time when I was 23. I am a self-confessed airport crier, last-minute packer, document misplacer and chronic over-thinker who finds leaving anyone and anywhere a huge deal.
Germs can hang around on our hands and surfaces that we have touched for days unless they are disinfected properly, and not everyone is as hygienic as we would like to believe. Our immune system attempts to fight off most parasites, but when people touch their eyes, nose or mouth, ger...
Pack for college isn't as complicated as many people believe. You should split this into small categories and college dorm list. Follow this checklist to the last and you’ll find yourself gladly arranged.
Shopping ideas for your travel luggage at
Sometime it takes something small to open ones eyes to the bigger picture. This article is about how opinions change when the focus goes from outward to inward.
It's really possible to order a backpack that could have wrongly fitted with the purpose. So, we need to be choosy in this matter.
The real essence of Bajau's water village is hidden somewhere in the heart of every villager. Though it is mostly advertised as a foreign destination, the place only shows its beauty extrinsically. But within lies a different world - a beauty far from what we could actually see and im...
"While it is important to look at a patient as a whole person from a physiological, psychological, spiritual, and social perspective, it is also important to take a patient's culture and cultural background into consideration when deciding how to care for that patient. After all, the ...
Let me take you to the "Land Below the Wind", Sabah, Malaysia. This state has a lot to offer for travelers who are interested in adventure, jungle trekking and mountain climbing.
Many people love to go for backpacking in Summer and that is when there is a lot of sunshine which means that one is likely to experience much exposure to the sun and as a result are bound to get sun burns.
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