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When it's cold outside and the streets are covered with snow, nothing can be more comforting than such a broth boiling in the kitchen.
The Burgatory Bar stands alone when it comes to their high grade grounded blend of private label sirloin, chuck, brisket and short ribs patted out into a huge patty that can only be described as food of the Gods. The Burgatory Bar you get to design your own tasty creation on a bun. Th...
This is one of my recipes that I like to share with all my friends and family. This is always a hit at parties and such and you will not be disappointed in the flavors on it either.
Should anyone have leftovers of a wintry broth, don´t throw them away, because they can make an appetizing stir fry in this way.
Once the cupcake craze wore off we moved on to some other pretty fun desserts. Whoopie Pies, cronuts, deep-fried everything, and even adding bacon to our desserts. It has been and interesting and delicious adventure.
BLT soup may sound like a crazy idea but your guests will love it.
I make my own chicken pot pie using fresh vegetables which give the pie an entirely different taste. The recipe is simple. You can use leftover holiday turkey if you wish, or make a broccoli and cheese pie instead.
Ten years ago I had a heart attack; fortunately I survived and learned a very valuable lesson.
Between 4 and 6 months, babies have their body mature enough to eat other foods and can not be only milk without experiencing any alteration stomach.
The Irish people are known for creating unusual dishes. Their recipes are unique and delicious.
From apple turnovers to cold pizza, a typical American breakfast changes from person to person. However, there are a handful of similarities across the fifty states that American’s eat every day.
The Skillet Steed - the legendary creature of folklore - meets an insidious orangutan that doesn't take very kindly to benevolent deeds. Read to find out how the Skillet Steed faces this challenge, and shares a deeper lesson about grace when faced with people that just don't like you ...
Have you heard of the legendary Skillet Steed? Chances are, you haven't. That is because the Skillet Steed is very skittish and runs at the first sign of contact. This elusive horse cooks a hearty breakfast and then disappears into the wild blue yonder.
A true funny story about cabbage plants and the local rogue.
Are you looking for a different way to use up all the ham leftover from the family feast? Here are two recipes for Carbonara, the one traditional and the other restaurant style; both will sharpen your family’s jaded appetite. Substitute bacon for the leftover ham for an everyday me...
A delicious sandwich that the whole family will enjoy. Paired with a bowl of soup, potato chips or just by itself, it will become a family favorite.
When your family asks you, "what's for dinner?" Maybe it's time to say "Breakfast!" Sometimes it just takes some imagination to come up with a different idea for dinner. Just get away from the regular boring choices.
In his struggles with The Anti-pork League, George comes out on top!
Super quick and easy comfort food, which is also a great source of carbs and protein.
This is a great dish that the whole family will love and with endless possibilities for changing ingredients it never has to be the same twice.
Three recipes that I used on pancake day Most folks only have as a sweet..
These Potato scones are great warm for breakfast or as a cold snack! Try them out they are simple and yummy.
A wonderfully delicious take on a old time classic. I'm sure your family will enjoy it, as much as mine has over the years.
A ridiculously delicious unhealthy tour de force of breakfasts!
Fig sauce with rosemary - refresh your senses. Chips bacon and cheese - do not eat chips with flavours - make a natural one! Stuffed Boiled Eggs - easy starter with eggs. Tortellini with Prosciutto and Sage - Italian recipe for tortellini.
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