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Both the good times and the bad times in our lives are connected and are inseparable..
Accidentally breaking plates or glasses is messy and troublesome chore to clean up. Learn how I clean up a broken plate today with a few safety steps.
Dedicated to all the horrible people in this world, including unkind friends, lovers, and people who abuse their power, which in reality they don't have.
Ever had someone control everything you do,manipulate you into thinking it was all you're fault.???????????Somethings and people better left behind.
Thought we would be one forever Thought we would always be together
Fr. Franks goes into the training camp, meets others and becomes one of them.
Fr. Frank tries to explain why he is rogue, the beginning of his behaviour unbecoming...
Daily news on impending gloom faze everyone even before December 2012! Experts agree to disagree at best about our daily problems and the solutions to them. However, as the solutions can be found within us as we all have stakes in our survival, why should common citizens worry?
bad news I'm afraid, things are not going to get better in this world financially, more business are going under, redundancies are everywhere, and more job cuts are inevitable.
The decline in a country's economic growth is a sure sign that recession is on the way, with no reliable source to halt deficit spending, and bring about a responsive market recovery, there are worrying signs and apparent indicators when the stock market performs erratic.
Stealing is an act that tells society that you cannot be trusted and would rather take something from another human being than go work for it yourself.
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