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Genetics is not a root cause of homosexuality, but choice is. DNA is not the factor but rather it is a freely given lifestyle.
This page is a short insight into the question, 'could you be corrupt?' Having written about and currently working in an anti-corruption environment, I hope I can offer a different perspective exploring what corruption is, where corruption sits in 2015, whether you could be corrupt,...
After thinking this vacation has been going rather well, and that my initial fears of this vacation being a test of enduring of negative emotions and wishing it was over wouldn't come to pass, I'm afraid lately it seems we are right back to what I had feared.
Nothing Bad Ever Happens is my new favourite phrase and you know what it is so true, everything that happens in our lives can be overcome and each situation teaches us something new. Take control of life, rather than life taking control of you and your potential is limitless.
I maintain that there is nobody so bad, that there is no good in them, and nobody so good that they don't have a bad side. Here is an example of a "bad man" that I loved, and who I felt loved me.
These days power is everything for politicians as they play the ugliest games around to fool the people. These politicians spend money in crores just to get elected. They also know that they can recover the money they spent in getting elected in no time once they are into power
Science has really developed at a very fast pace and we are all happy to see the future so much advanced. But there are also some bad effects of advanced times like today and in coming years, there will be vast improvement in technology which is beyond anyone's imaginations
Man has been given many chances to make good...and many have made bad...even some here as we all know...anyway not to worry they will get theirs in a somewhat awful and i will just float into paradise on heavenly wings...
We have to backtrack on weapons proliferation to fight for peace and rely on the spark of divinity that is the bedrock of the creative process. If humanity goes against what drives creation we will be consigned to the dustbin of history like others before us. We will self-destruct wit...
The reason is simple: lazy. Because it's special to you who feel lazy to exercise but hope is always fresh and healthy body.
It has arrived at my consideration that some adolescent young ladies are so found up in looking great, expanding their societal position and drawing in young men that they put their own particular welfare at danger.
This is about a once great man who fell destroyed by wicked men yet his heart always remained good although revenge he took as a vampyre against them. A tale here is told of the unholy things wicked men are still doing across our lands.
Good people can be of all sorts, intelligent, simple minded, anyone can be good. What sort of person sins though? It seems that at times even supposedly good people sin. Why is this so?
We are ether Accepting or Rejecting through agreement
The power of a mantra itself is the power of the mind which in turn is the power of one’s thoughts.
a short poem for my wife who has stuck by me through thick and thin,she deserves more than this and wish i could give her more.
I have nothing to include with my today's report. I am feeling uneasy.
Colleagues and friends are having a bad time of it, but don't really know the adversity you yourself are going through.
Short story and tips on how to cope with ADHD and around people who suffer with it also
Here I am going to applaud people whose writing skills are bad, it is easy to see the experts and how good a job they do, and simply overlook those who are trying their best to produce something, because in trying they take a bold step, yet improvement is key here because bad writing ...
The poem depicts women like an apple tree. Good ones are at the top and the bad ones at the bottom - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Well the last month of 2013 is upon us...who can believe the year went so quickly. Many changes for many of us...some good, some not so good...but whatever comes to us remember we create, promote or allow everything in our lives... I recommend you go to Steve Kinsman for an indepth r...
this page is all about how one can overcome his temper........
Sacrifices don't always have to come at the expense of pain. How often we recognize, after the fact, that had we done things correctly the first time it would have certainly come out right from the outset. Then again, how many of us learn this lesson and put it into practice? Howeve...
I know now you will never change I even convinced me that I am deranged Why i love you so I don’t even know
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