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This is a guide on how to make fantasy fudge. This is a simple guides that will teach you how to make a good recipe.
This is a guide on how to make a yummy chocolate pie. This is for all occasions and very easy to bake. Everyone will enjoy baking there own chocolate pie and eat with kids, family and friends.
This is a guide about baking a sweet and yummy cake. This is very delicious and easy to bake. Kids, teens and everyone will enjoy it.
This is a guide on how bake and make a double pumpkin cheesecake. This is very simple cake and everyone will enjoy eating it.
A recipe for scones that's very easy to make. Perfect for someone who is just learning to bake.
In this recipe, the Nutella Swirl Top works as the frosting. If you have ever tried to transport a cupcake with frosting, you know it can be quite tricky. With this cupcake, you can take them along anywhere without having to worry about a sticky, messy frosting top. They are great ...
Just another quick and easy meal you can make from the left over holiday season packets you wouldn't normally have in your cupboards or your freezer.
These Red Velvet Brownies with Cream Cheese Icing are moist and delicious. It's a great way to have two great treats in one.
How to bake a better cake. Tips and advice on baking cakes. Ideas and thoughts to share.
My wife Daleen has been refining and baking this exact cake for many years. It has been a hot favorite among friends and family everywhere. She has agreed to now share it with the readers of Tranquilpen worldwide. May it always foster and generate friendship and love where ever it is ...
Orange peels can be used for many things. Drop them into your garbage disposal to freshen it up or throw them into your compost pile, but before you do that, you can use them as muffin cups. The most nutritious part of the orange is the pith, which is the inside of the peel. Putting y...
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