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Accounting ratios are used by accountants and accountancy staff to provide some further statistics for accounts. Essentially, they are a useful financial indicator for business accounts. Here are a few accounting ratios that are used for accounts.
Heavy, fearful or foolhardy emotional investments are the lid and ceiling on success or the prelude to genuine failure. Maintain objectivity and a strongly yet genuinely thoughtful aura, and you will get what you want out of life here and now instead of investing in the day-traded por...
Stress to fulfill needs of rising population on declining cultivable land is a challenge. Increasing area of cultivable land without touching forests because of ecological reasons is needful & multistoried multi-farming system of Agriculture may be a solution. First, second, third and...
The first document that the bank required from the applicant is the application letter for the loan – where the applicant states the purpose of the loan: the desired amount, his honest personal identity that includes his contact address and location, his financial statements: balanc...
Thanksgiving Day is around in the west. People are ready to feast the day with dinner and all kinds of entertainments. But it is also a day to go back into oneself and repair the relationships.
Financial Accounting and Reporting Lesson 7: Introduction to Balance Sheet
THe profit and loss and the balance sheet are two primary statements found in a set of financial accounts. This article explores the two statements and highlights the differences between them.
This article explains the subject beginning accounting. It includes detail about the debit entries, credit entries, balance sheet, etc.
A credit report is the information about the credit history of an individual. It is about the payment history, list of accounts, balances and the payment behavior of the individual.
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