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Men, you are having trouble keeping your hair going down the drain? Well, fear no more. This article may be what you are waiting for.
It would rock the world if they found a cure for baldness. What do you think I would do about it?
PeeWee Mouseman, a chihuahua with a first name and a last, doesn't seem to know he's a fragile little bald blue dog who can barely set his feet on land without running into some force of nature thats much bigger and stronger than he is. But he's the most charming pet I know
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 26 Animal Poem. This one is about Bald Eagles.
Baldness in men is common, usually starting after the age of 50, but can be much earlier.What are the causes and what can you do about it/
Many men are bald and are not happy with the way they look, why? It is natural for some men to go Bald, Be Bald and be Proud. I give positive examples of successful bald Men.
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