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Bamboo blinds are becoming increasingly popular. They really are nothing new, as they have been used for centuries in various Asian countries, in particular Japan.
Gardening can be rewarding, heartwarming and sometimes frustrating... All at the same time! Come read about and see what grows for me, as well as despite me!
Pork barrel scam, sex scandals involving celebrities, crimes, calamities and a lot others. These define the Philippines now. No one translated this to music but Darryl Shy on his performance of Asin’s “Balita” during the third week of The Voice Philippines Live Shows. Social rel...
From the beginning should be stated that the word Orient from the title of this article, has no offensive intentions, or purpose, on the contrary, the author of this article has a reverential attitude regarding the input of Orient in all walks of life along the history, and ...
Bamboo furniture is strong and eco friendly with a new look to your homes.
Reaching for the sun from the shadows we gain ourselves
There are over 2000 different verities of bamboo plant in the world. This can be grown as a privacy screen outside your home or in a container garden that gives unique and exotic look. Bamboo is a grass, a fairly simple plant but highly evolved and versatile. Bamboo blooms in every ye...
Sometimes the spiritual journey to seek god can seem an endless and tiresome one but rest assured god is everywhere and his handiwork proves it.
It is well known that the WWF use the picture of the Giant Panda as the symbol of conservation. The future of the Giant Panda is still at risk as its breeding grounds are constanly being reduced.
Bamboo is a common name for more than 40 genera and about 480 species of perennial, woody, usually shrubby or treelike plants of the grass family. They belong to the scientific family of Poaceae, (formerly Gramineae).
Recipe` with a different twist. A short tale and comment to assist.
Archaeological evidence shows that humans have depended on the giant grass known as bamboo since the Stone Age. In Asia today, bamboo is an unequalled source of timber, animal fodder, and paper, as well as used as a natural curative for a number of diseases. And much of bamboo’s f...
In the various regions of the Philippines are found a variety of bamboo instruments. These produce different sounds depending on the manner the instrument is played, that is, whether, blown, struck, or plucked.
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