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India is also known as Hindustan and as a Hindu nation they have now completely banned beef.
There are actually idiots who think it is within their authority to ban a mother from having a mother's love instinct towards her children, and what's worse, they'll impose sanctions against the mother in question if she doesn't abandon any and all feelings of taking care of her child...
According to pediatrician, Dr. Mark Danusantoso, SpA, is very important for a child to obtain optimal stimulation or stimulation of activity in the room, as well as outdoors.
The things which describe what makes a veteran, all good.
The US State Department warns tourists not to visit Mexico so that is where the First Family sends its teenage daughter. Shouldn’t politicians set an example?
My response to the lifting of the blood donation ban for men who have slept with men.
The United Arab Emirates recently imposed a ban on the book “Don’t Cry When I Die…” authored by Latika Tripathi on grounds that the story line dealt with in the book is against their religious belief
This is an article about why you should not buy Black Ops, MW2, Halo Reach, or any other violent video game.
Dear Santa, please ban Christmas break from schools.
If you think ordering Craigslist to take out the Adult Services section will end prositution ads on the site...think again. The dating section has always had it's share of adult services available. You just have to recognize the code language. A recent review of the site revealed thes...
Every year we hear about some new whole food, super fruit, or herb, being raved about as a cure all for a milieu of health problems. These products burst onto the health food scene with claims for faster weight loss or increased life span. The over attention may not be such a good t...
Search engine Optimization is one of the much talked about topics in internet marketing. But many people wondered f there is a short cut means to optimizing your site. Some ad tried the black-hat ways of doing this ad they had ever regret doing that.
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