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Bananas as one, elixirs help smooth white skin. The banana is a fruit, delicious and very nutritious. In addition, bananas also function great skin care. Because bananas contain more vitamin A, B, E, potassium ... helps prevent aging, repel wrinkles, moisturizer, regenerating skin cel...
Bananas have many health benefits which can not be overemphasized. Here are some curious facts about the fruit.
Bananas may just be the worlds first cultivated fruit. Bananas don’t grow on trees. The banana plant is a arborescent (tree-like) perennial herb. And the banana itself is actually a berry.
Watch the Minions trailer and cheer your inner child.
Our body requires essential minerals phosphorus and potassium in addition to vitamin for various body functions. Fruits supply more than our daily requirement. We must eat fruits daily.
There is so much wisdom that we can glean from our older relatives and friends. Take the time to hear their stories. They will stay with you for a lifetime.
Over-ripe bananas' doesn't need to be thrown away anymore, mash it up and make your own banana bread! This recipe is easy to follow and is heavenly tastes so good too. Great to serve during breakfast, snack or a to-go food when in a hurry.
Wikipedia defines breast ironing as a form of breast reduction in which a pubescent girl's breasts are ironed with a heated object, usually by the girl's mother in an attempt to make her less sexually attractive to men.
Foods that are good for the heart are those who are rich in antioxidants , fiber and monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats .
Some functional foods for pain have medicinal properties that help reduce pain in migraine in premenstrual tension, or even chronic diseases such as arthritis.
Here is an Indian dish making with bananas it is the healthy and cheap dish for every Indian.
Banana fritters are a dessert rather exotic, but very easy. If you fancy a bit of originality, add sesame seeds in the dough, donuts will be even more delicious.
Banana is a common fruit that brings a lot of health benefits.
Divide the bananas into four length -wise slice, before chopping into small pieces. Slice the green chillies finely. Mix the salt and spices the curd.
Fruits are an excellent source of energy and vitamins and many dieticians are recommending to eat fruits on a daily basis to lose weight as they are low in calories and high in fibre content.
Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of your day. Oatmeal is my preferred breakfast, garnished with cinnamon and milk. You may also add fruits such as bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raisins, as well as nuts. This highly nutritious breakfast will improve your health,...
Chinese are innovative people in the world, now they have prepared Ice cream that does not melt even we keep it in sunlight. A reporter travelled to China to confirm the news about the "Doesn't melt Ice cream"
A lady Poyner from West Sussex, suffered from migraine for 20 years and discovered migraine cure by banana
A young lady named Honey from Philippines is making beautiful portraits on Banana's with pin or sharp instrument.
Sri Lanks’s ancient cities, Buddhist remnants and natural beauty, made us relish every moment of this tour
banana has many health benefits,enrich yourself by reading this points
This very simple dish made of raw bananas will surely make every family dig into it.
Instead of using Viagra, these 5 foods to boost the sex life those are Avacodo, Oysters, hot pepper, banana and chocolate.
It is wise for us to prevent many of the ailment we suffer from only if we eat the right kind of food. And one of the food that is a good for our health is banana. Read this article and understand the good it does to your body.
The five fruits Mango, Banana, Orange, Papaya and Lemon are good for glowing skin and fruits juices will clear the complexion of your skin.
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