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When a sting or bite from an insect occurs it is always good to get to a doctor or go to a hospital if one is allergic to the venom. (Oh I hate that word 'venom'.) It is just what makes one sick or debilitated if bit or stung; when a victim is allergic to the venom. What does one do...
A snapshot of a hospital outside the city of London in the 1930's. except for the overpowering smell of cleanliness not much has changed.
Have you ever heard he term, pain is beauty and beauty is pain? Well this saying is well known and the women of china have certainly endured it from as little as the age of two years old.
The ancient practice of foot binding began with the palace dancers who entertained the Emperor who bound their feet to give the illusion that they were small and dainty. As a result a whole culture arose out of that concept which lasted several centuries and served to crippled and ha...
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