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Shockwaves are being felt throughout the music industry as several high profile musicians and other women in the business come forward with allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against the CEO of a major music public relations firm, exposing the pervasive sexism and male-domin...
Get to know the Australian pop rock band that your teenage daughter is probably screaming for, 5 Seconds of Summer.
Were you a fangirl once in your life or are you a parent wondering what all the fuss is about? Get to know a bit about your fangirl.
Were you a fangirl once in your life or are you a parent wondering what all the fuss is about? Get to know a bit about your fangirl and why we worry about tickets,band shirts and other merchandizes.
Will always enjoyed working the high school dances. One in particular was memorable.
An insight into what goes on before that favourite band goes on the stage.
Some music bands definitions. Named the way they are, for a reason?
When a local concert goes badly there is plenty of blame to go around, lots of finger pointing and no one wins. But, ultimately, who's responsibility is it to get people to the venue on show night?
This my personal personal favorites. This list is not thorough.These artists were chosen from the early listening days of the station
This poetry is about the surrounding and my feeling about it.
A Rocking new local Rockford, IL Band is creating a global scene thanks to the internet!
Every kid dreams of achieving fame, success and lots of money from the the one thing they love, right? Why not turn your passion for music into a bona fide career? This page gives you hints, tips and lots of advice on forming a band in high school.
The Lipan Apache were a Tribe once thought to be extinct, descendants of that Tribe now step forward to reclaim what once was theirs...their heritage.
~three Colorado poor boys & a Les Paul totin’ guitar man from New York~the Fly by Night band~one of our first original songs~an agent heard it when we played the Sabers’ Hotrod Club gig~ Currigan Hall~he had to put the band in the musicians’ union to access our material~the drum...
This is an interview and article I wrote for a assignment for university. It is about local bands becoming more known in the area and how it affects them.
This is the story of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.
Every giant in the music industry will remember their first live act.
~an original rock & roll song written & performed by the author and his son~he got ‘em hangin’ from the wire~he been singin, playin’ rough~like he fallin’ down in layers~jus’ makin’ music in the House o’ Blood~
She owned us, this mistress and her urgent flow of energy, surging and swirling between and around us. And they came down. Yes, like warring angels, they sped to a cushion of peace.
A brief analysis of the live performance styles of the band Led Zeppelin
Clebrating the future wedding of Prince William ad Kate.Lifting the nation.
This speaks for itself really. (Xkcd fans will likely get the reference.)
This gig was so memorable because it was so fucking dreadful.
I went, I got sun poisoning, and I'm still alive to tell the tale! A concert festival in review.
In this page I'll be guiding you through some great artists in many different genres, you're bound to find something you like. There will be many pages that follow but this one is just for Indie to Light Rock groups.
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